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Cheque Collection Assistant
Cheque Collection involves a lot of work for a collection agency

Collection Assistant

check collection assistence

Cheque Collection Assistant Overview

The routine process of cheque collection involves a lot of work for a collection agency. The tideous task involves proof collection, amount and number validation, site visits and most importantly, validity of the overall system. Large volume of data is what makes it even more difficult to track down. A strict timeline of completing the day-to-day tasks and the stress of generating new business is a lot strenous. Our Cheque Collection Assistant is a tested and effecient mobile-server solution to ease the existing manual process. The mobile solution also includes a handy scanner which readily connect and send the scanned cheque images to our server instantly. Error handling, data management and validity check is almost hassle free.

Salient features of the Solution

  • Instant cheque scanning.
  • Data validity check and error management
  • Cost effective
  • Easily eliminate non-performing pickup issues
  • Pre-alert the processing centers
  • Preservation of electronic data till the statutory period in case of any dispute
  • Pickup bill verification