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Our service offerings help our clients 'Win & Grow' with our scalable, efficient and global delivery model. Keyboardlabs is an IT Services company established in 2012, providing a host of services which includes IT Services, Software Solutions and Application Development and Trainings. We as team Keyboardlabs strive to deliver the best value to our clients through a combination of highly experienced workforce, defined processes, state-of-art technologies and client management solutions.

The inception of Keyboardlabs and our products was not just an idea, but it is a requirement for our day to day basic IT solutions. We moved in to bridge the gap between hectic, petty work and a simple common solution. We at Keyboardlabs, believe in catering the basic solutions to make up for the basic and much needed corporate demands.


Checkout our latest projects hope you will enjoy them. All of them is made by Ascent Keyboard Labs

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Ios7 Cincept

Dribbble Ideas Mobile


Quick Sport

Dribbble Ideas Dash


Stats Weath

Dribbble Ideas Life